Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Stress Free Lucky’s Lake Swim

Since the Moss Park Sprint Triathlon, my training focus as been on cycling.  The triathlon, was the last time I swam and it showed today.  Instead of the fast group I have been riding with, today I returned to Lucky’s Lake to get in some cross training. 

Lucky Lake

Rachel, Katy, Ben, Meghann, and Kelly showed up to swim the lake.  It was nice to have other people there to swim with.  I decided to take it easy and just survive the swim.  I forgot my watch, so it was nice not to worry about how fast or slow I was swimming. 

Swimming Lucky Lake    
I had some issues going out, mainly navigating in a straight line.  I also noticed my swimming technique was shot which made the swim across the lake tougher than I remembered in the past.  The swim back was better, until I got in a fight with one of the buoys.  I did not notice it while I was swimming and I swam straight into it.   

new Speedo

Rachel took a nice photo of me in my new speedo.  The sun was coming off the lake and was shinning in my eyes.  My tri-shorts are now too big and are warn out from this past tri-season.  I need to work on my leg tan lines. 

It was nice to just swim the lake with no training purpose other than to just complete the lap.  In the past, I worried about the time and working on other skills like sighting while I swam the lake.  Still need 17 more laps to get the white Lucky’s Lake Swim Cap.