Friday, August 26, 2011

Red Bull Mini Drome Orlando

Last night we headed over to Orlando to watch the Red Bull Mini Drome event.  It’s a mini velodrome where racers on fixed-gear bikes race around the mini drome against time and each other.  It became popular across the pond and tonight was the first event in the states. 


Rachel’s brother, Josh was signed up to compete in the event.  Every rider gets a few warm-up laps and then races against the clock for a ten lap time trial.  The top 32 riders then compete against each other in a series of pursuit races. 

Mini Drome Track

We were worried that the crowd would be full of hipsters, but it was a great mix of people.  The crowd was cheering on every rider attempting the mini drome, unless they were cheating by riding a non fixed gear bike.  A lot of the riders were having trouble getting enough speed to not fall over in the corners.

The place was packed and was it was tough to get a good view of the mini drome.  Luckily we were able to switch spots with a couple to watch Josh’s time trial.  His test ride around the mini drome was great and then it was time for his 10 lap time trial. 

Josh Red Bull Drome Time Trial–Orlando

He slid down the first banked turn but was able to get up and get going again.  He was doing great until he hit the wall and crashed.  He got up fast and finished out the race in style.  Even with the slip and the crash, he was in decent shape to get into the top 32. 

While we were waiting for the rest of the 85 riders to complete their time trial, I decided to try out the Ace Metric Open Sprints.  It was 150 meter sprint drag race against another rider.  I won both sprints even wearing sandals and after having a couple of beers.  That setup would be perfect for some of my sprint workouts

After waiting around for the other riders to finish, we found out Josh was just out of the top 32 with the 34th fastest time.  It sucked that his crash caused him to not make it into the pursuit race, but it was still cool to have the chance to race on the mini drome.  It was after midnight, so we only stuck around to watch the first round of the pursuit races.   The pursuit race is where they have two riders on the mini drome at a time and they try to catch each other.  The pursuit races were very exciting and we wished we could stay for the rest of the races, but we had to get up for work in the morning in a couple of hours.
Would you try to race on the mini drome?