Saturday, May 7, 2011

Expedition Everest Expo

For Rachel’s birthday this year, I bought her an entry for Disney’s Expedition Everest Challenge.  The challenge consists of a 5k run with an obstacle course  through Disney’s Animal Kingdom followed by a scavenger hunt.  Our team name for the challenge is “Plastered Penguins.”  The race is not until 8:30 tonight but I had to pick up the packet earlier today.  The plan was to go to Lucky’s Lake Swim then head over to packet pick up.

Lucky swim

The goal was to swim two maybe three laps of the lake but I had trouble from the start of the swim.  It felt like I was out of breath the whole swim.  On the way back, I ended up practicing the breast stroke to try and catch my breath.  I decided to only do one lap after barely making it back to land on the second length.

Length 1: 10:12
Length 2: 11:40

Looking at my time and the large amount of people swimming today, I may have been just overworking myself. It is just something I do not need on my mind the week before my Half Ironman.

After the swim, I headed over to ESPN Wide World of Sports complex to pick up our team packet.
Expedition expo

I got there early so I walked around the ESPN store for awhile until the expo started.  I was hoping for some good free samples in the race bag, but I never expected to receive such awesomeness. 

A free sample of seasoning salt and body cream.  Awesome. 


I waited around some more until the course talk where they went over some information about the event.  It was starting to get hot outside, so I decided to refresh myself with a tasty beverage.

Everest clue  
They had a sample clue for the scavenger hunt.  It took me awhile to figure out the correct answer. 

Can you guess the correct answer?